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Garage Door Repair Is Not a Simple Task

The garage door is the single biggest piece of equipment in your garage. Not only do you use it to access your home, you also use it to keep your car protected from the elements, store things safely and much more. Having a garage door repair near you can be extremely important because a broken garage door springs more than just the garage door itself.

garage door repair

Garage door springs are made of steel or perhaps tungsten carbide. A broken garage door springs because it has been overloaded. This overload is usually caused by something like a vehicle hitting your garage door as you approach it from the outside. In addition to the garage door springs they can be caused by an extension spring that has become damaged or warped. A garage door technician has both the skills and equipment to inspect both these parts and to make sure that they are not the problem.

A garage door repair usually involves both the torsion spring and the extension spring being replaced. The torsion springs are extension springs that are located on either side of the torsion spring. When these springs become damaged or stretched they will result in a loss of strength along with some noise. If the garage door is struck, the torsion springs will snap sending shock waves through the structure and this can potentially cause damage to the other sections of the garage door. Because they are located above the garage door, they are usually the first point of contact when the garage door is struck.

Garage door designers use torsion springs in many of their garage door repair systems. The torsion springs are designed to withstand tremendous pressure and tension. They are designed so that when they are extended they extend in a linear fashion along the tracks in the garage door. When the springs become damaged or stretched they snap creating a loud noise. Torsion springs are usually the primary component being replaced in a garage door repair.

In addition to replacing the springs, garage door repair service providers will often install new sensors that can detect if the garage door opener is stuck or if the garage door is opening and closing without any assistance. Many garage door opener installers offer a service package that includes both the spring replacements and the new sensors. Garage door service providers that do not provide these services are likely operating with a different philosophy than garage door repair service providers who include these as part of their repair packages. It is important that you do your homework and research each garage door repair provider you contact.

Finding a service technician team that includes the necessary parts and equipment to perform a garage door opener repair should be your first priority. Service technicians that have the tools and equipment to perform these repairs, along with a thorough understanding of the garage door opener and the garage door repair process, will save you time and money. They will also offer a guarantee on the repairs so you know that you have purchased the best service and product available.

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